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Temporarily Timeline

Temporarily adjusment of planning ...

Due to an abrupt break of a afternoon strawl and a nescessary visit to the hospital on last sunday (8 okt.; lereasd and home again in the mean time), it's nesccessary to adjust the planning for the next period. 

- Friday 13th okt. will be started with the smaller - read lighter - orders.
- On 17/18th okt. also middel-heavy orders will be taken into account;  
  these won't include glasorders of 10 to 30 kg yet. 
- From 26/27th okt. also heavier orders will be handled

End oktober we suspect business will be as usual again.
Chances are, tha I'll  reserve a day for delivering heavy glasorders myself. Juggling with orders from >20 kg is way more tiering than putting small packages in the car and delivering them.

Communication: in this period ALL communication will be handled thourgh E-mail. Long phonecalls  and conversations appear way too exhausting and stressful.