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General terms and conditions


Sebuti-glass/Glass hobby-4All is subject to the usual terms and conditions for consumers.

A number of issues in particular mentioned:
- We usually work on orders with full payment before shipment. That way we avoid losses through fake orders and that enables us to keep our prices as low as possible.

- Shipping takes place at the latest within 3 working days, unless it is agreed with customers according to the confirmation letter that it can/may be handled otherwise (apart from force majeure).

- Orders of glass plates are send in the maximum sizes 30 x 30 cm. If other measurements are desired, then it can be discussed how they can be cut and delivered. 

- Delivery at home is possible. In doing so, we request a reasonable fee for fuel- and transport costs (depending on the distance v.v.). Upon delivery at home we reserve the right to depart from the standard delivery time, because this usually must take place outside our store opening. Where appropriate, this is always in consultation. Personal delivery abroad is usually no acceptable distance and consequently seldom performed.

- With glass orders we use a minimum of 5 full size plates for proper packaging. For smaller orders extra packaging costs can be calculated in order to be able to provide in good condition. Even if costs of packing costs are disproportionally high, additional packing costs are/can be calculated. Where appropriate, this will always happen by mutual agreement and after agreement.

- Also on orders/reservations that will be picked up at the shop, we require a minimum deposit of 50% before dealing with the order, depending on the articles ordered. The amount of the deposit also depends on the type of articles that are ordered.